If you're in dire financial straits, title loans San Antonio could be just what you need to pay any pressing expenses and get back on a solid financial footing. Title loans have quite a few benefits over the other loan options on the market, including:

  • They're Easy to Get - All you need is a car with a clear title, meaning no liens are on it. There's no credit check required.
  • The Application Process Is Fast - You can get your loan money on the same day that you apply for the title loan.
  • You Can Use Yours However You Like - It doesn't matter if you need money to launch a business, pay past-due bills or cover an emergency. The way you use your title loan money is your decision.

We already mentioned the speedy application process, but at Birkbeck Financial, we set out to make applying for a title loan even better. That led to our online title loans San Antonio application, which you can find here on our website and fill out in just seconds. What information are you going to need to complete the application? You will just need to punch in two sets of information:

  • Information About Your Vehicle - This includes the car's year, its manufacturer, its model, its body style and the approximate number of miles on it.
  • Your Contact Information - This includes your full name, your cell phone number and your email address.

After you get that entered and submit the form to us, we'll be able to preapprove your loan application and even calculate a car title loan estimate. We will also make sure that one of our friendly Birkbeck Financial representatives gets in contact with you as soon as they can to talk to you more about getting your title loan.

It's normal to wonder what you're going to need to bring with you to get a title loan, especially considering many loans require quite a bit of documents during the application process. Fortunately, you won't need to dig up banking records, paystubs, tax returns or other financial documents to get a title loan. The only documents we need to see are your ID, which we look at to verify that you're 18 years of age or older, and your car title, which we hang on to during your loan's repayment period. We also need to check out your car to see that you have it in your possession and to figure out its current condition.


If you're looking for title loans San Antonio, you may not have time to waste, and that makes it frustrating when your search pulls up lender listings from other cities. You won't have that problem when you come to Birkbeck Financial. We're proud to be centrally located right here in San Antonio, and it's easy to access our office from surface streets or the freeway.

Once you arrive, it won't take long before you've gotten your loan. Here's how the process will go:

  • A Birkbeck Financial representative will take you through the required loan paperwork. Make sure you tell them if you already got a loan preapproval through our online application.
  • We'll perform a brief inspection of your car and use a vehicle value guide to figure out what it's worth, which determines the maximum amount of your title loan.
  • We'll issue your title loan right after we get your car title from you.

How long will you be in our office? The entire process will probably be done in well under an hour, giving you plenty of time to go catch a Spurs game after.

How It Works

Title loans fall under the category of secured loans, which are loans that have something attached as collateral. Unsecured loans, such as payday loans, have no collateral. The collateral on a title loan is your car, and the lender keeps your car title while you repay it. If you default on the loan, the lender can send someone to repossess your car. After that, the lender can sell your car.

Title loan borrowers must be at least 18 years old per federal regulations. Besides that law, states are free to set their own rules on the title lending industry. Since Birkbeck Financial issues title loans San Antonio, our loans follow the regulations set by the state of Texas.

One benefit of Texas title loans is that there's no state maximum on the amount you can borrow. If your car has the value and the lender is willing to issue the loan, it can be for any amount you need. The state has instituted an interest rate limit of 10 percent, although there can be some extra title loan fees.

Texas hasn't set a minimum length for title loan terms, but the maximum is 180 days. You'll find that the most common term length is 30 days. This is true in both Texas and most other parts of the United States.

If you don't have enough cash to pay back your loan when the term ends, you can extend it instead. How an extension works is like this - you pay any interest and fees that your loan has. You then get to start a new term, just as long as the previous one, with the same loan principal and new interest and fee charges. You spend more on your loan this way, but it's better than defaulting and losing your car.

That 180-day title loan term limit set by the state still applies if you extend the loan. What this means is that if you reach the 180-day mark on your title loan, you'll need to pay it off in full at that time. On a title loan with a term of 30 days, you're looking at a maximum of five extensions before you hit the limit. Make sure you plan for this if you've gone through a few loan extensions.

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